WhiteHat Jr’s latest campaign features “real” kids who made “real” apps


The ed-tech startup, WhiteHat Jr, has now widened its promotional efforts which are now centered on real kids building real apps. The brand has recently released campaigns, #RealKidsOfWHJr and #YoungAchieversOfWHJr, which focuses on the real-world applications of coding. The campaigns, feature students sharing their experiences as app creators, also points out the necessity to #LearnToCode. A closer look into the brand’s advertising provides interesting findings. The Coding Seekho Duniya Badlo campaign went active TV within the first week of November and later multiple new ads with celebrities including Hrithik Roshan, Mahesh Babu, and R Madhavan. On social media, WhiteHat Jr shares multiple untold stories of real students. Shivansh Raina, a 12-year old football lover from Bengaluru and who created Let-S-mile, an app that calculates your happiness score is one among them.

13-year-old Shreshth Kanth created an internet site for pet lovers and to look after stray animals, The 12-year-old Yuvraj, whose app Medmaze that connects people to share excess medicines under emergency, and the list goes long. The most recent release of the company was the video chats of R Madhavan with select students learning to code using WhiteHat Jr. WhiteHat Jr was founded in 2018 by former CEO of Discovery Networks, Mr. Karan Bajaj. The app offers coding lessons to children aged six to eighteen years. In August 2020, the brand was acquired by Byju’s in an unprecedented all-cash $300 million deal and caught great attention. The company then stepped into aggressive digital advertising.

After realizing the issues in its marketing campaign, WhiteHat Jr has been on a replacement path over the past few months. Recently, WhiteHat Jr announced that it is working on strengthening its leadership team by including senior professionals across various marketing and operations functions. CEO and Founder Karan Bajaj, stated, “WhiteHat Jr started with a sole mission of making kids creators and builders not consumers of technology. We’ve gone back to the roots, highlighting these real-life case studies of WhiteHat Jr in each communication.”

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