Why Companies are not engaging in Online Content Marketing?


As more of the world gets online, the concept of Online Content Marketing is acquiring much popularity among marketers. Surveys reveal that the viral power of social media marketing platforms like face book, twitter, and Instagram has boosted online content marketing in a big way. But there are still certain companies who are keeping away from online content marketing, which is quite surprising. Let us look at the reasons why companies are not getting into online content marketing.

Customers don’t go for research based purchases

According to eConsultancy, only 38% (really shocking figure) of companies have adapted online content marketing as their promotional strategy. There exist a few companies who feel that customer’s don’t go for research before making a product decision. But research shows the fact that more than 85% of the customers do online research before making a purchase. Also, Google found that people search for an average of 10 research sources before making their purchase decision.

Rely on own Websites for Business

Certain companies depend solely on their own web portals for business promotion. But the reality is that such outdated business strategies do not help business in a big way. Sharing quality content on various social media platforms works since the quality of content is gaining importance online. In fact Online Content Marketing through social media will be equally engaging for a larger company as well as a smaller/medium level company. This is because quality content will be shared/ viewed by the same people irrespective of the size of the company.

Happy with existing Marketing Strategy

Those who are happy with current marketing strategies often do not engage in  efforts. But here the question is how the business model or the market of the company is going to change. Moreover the company may lose prospective leads as the competitor’s gain strength through advanced marketing strategies.

So now it is high time when marketers need to think on online content marketing strategies. Today 90% of the marketers claim that online content marketing will become important over the next 12 months. Hope companies understand that content marketing will be an important promotional strategy like other promotional tools in the times to come.


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