Why invest in Tether rather than Bitcoin


Cryptocurrency is flourishing and if you want to invest there are many options available. When Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum are the popular ones, secretly Tether is also growing as a well-known cryptocurrency. Since 2020, Tether has instantly become one of the popular cryptocurrencies. Being the first crypto to be pegged its value to a fiat currency it has been part of controversies as well.

What exactly is Tether?

Tether is an open-source and peer-to-peer blockchain cryptocurrency. It is also a stable coin that has attached its value to the US dollar. Simply telling, all the time US Tether token is $1. But its developers have revealed that it is not supported by 100% fiat currency and it was nearly $0.75. So whenever a USD is invested a Tether coin is generated.

Why should you invest in Tether?

The Crypto market is highly volatile and as the price fluctuates you can lose cash in a matter of seconds. But a coin like Tether can withstand price fluctuations. This coin is a result of academia and science power which is not highly affected by fluctuations in the market.

Also, it is a stable coin which is very helpful in difficult transactions of exchanging money into USD. Usually, cryptocurrencies face a lot of legal issues with the bank. Banks are not willing to operate with cryptocurrency exchanges since it is quite difficult to deposit and convert funds. Here Tether can decrease such risks and can fasten the transaction process.

Heavy transaction fees can also be avoided using Tether. We will be charged a fee whenever cryptocurrency is converted to a currency. But in the case of Tether, we don’t need to worry about the fee and conversion as it is attached to the US dollar. Compared to other cryptocurrencies Tether has less risky elements. So it is considered a safe and stable cryptocurrency to buy. Also, Tether can be used to protect your cryptocurrency in times of high volatility. For example, suppose you have Bitcoins with you but the market fluctuated, then you can swap your Bitcoin for Tether to shield it temporarily and keep its value.

Future Aspirations

Based on specific studies and projections, experts say that Tether is a good investment. They also believe that Tether’s growing popularity will help investors earn good returns over the next 3-5 years, making it a worthwhile long-term investment. Tether is currently ranked 3rd in terms of market cap with a current price valued at $1. So now it’s a good time to buy Tether and invest as it is one of the best cryptocurrencies of 2021.

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