‘WhyWaste’ digital initiative from PepsiCo and United Way Delhi


Supporting the ‘Swachhta Hi Seva’ initiative of the Government of India, PepsiCo India has launched a unique # WhyWaste digital initiative in partnership with United Way Delhi. United Way is a voluntary organization that fights in every city for the health, education, and financial security of people from every community. As part of the initiative, community members are invited to share innovative ideas to reuse and upcycle plastic waste created at home or in cities, with school & college students, Resident Welfare Associations, and the general public.

For submitting entries in the form of ‘DIY videos/pic’, slogans & posters, and one-minute pitch videos on plastic waste management, a special microsite www.whywaste.co.in has been developed. So far, the project has received more than 2200 + entries from educational institutions. Residents of these RWAs across Delhi-NCR are encouraged to produce eco-bricks that will be collected and recycled afterward.

“Ahmed ElSheikh, President of PepsiCo India, declaring the launch of the initiative, said,” Aligned with its Winning with the Intent concept, PepsiCo India is still searching for opportunities to raise awareness of sustainable plastics management. The goal is to ensure that plastics are never unsustainable. # WhyWaste, our new campaign, is a dynamic community-driven effort where progress makers and advocates of nature have all come together to do their best to create a sustainable world. We are glad to work with a partner such as the United Way to massify the message of sustainability within schools, universities, RWAs, etc. Given the present operating environment, it is impressive to see the feedback obtained.

Talking about the initiative, Sachin S Golwalkar, CEO of United Way Delhi, said, “It is important to find new and innovative solutions as we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.” One such opportunity was the # WhyWaste movement in which societies came together to take a collective step towards upcycling the plastic produced at home.

GEM Enviro will collect all used plastic waste from participating RWAs as a result of the scheme. With amazing gifts, recycled furniture and celebrated as Environmental Heroes, winning people and RWAs will be honored. In addition to the winners, for their significant contribution to environmental protection, every participant was also awarded an e-certificate.


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