With A Twist Of Tradition With Vibrancy, Herringbone and Sui Gives New Angles To Fashion With Their New Launch ‘Suigarh’

With A Twist Of Tradition With Vibrancy, Herringbone and Sui Gives New Angles To Fashion With Their New Launch ‘Suigarh’
With A Twist Of Tradition With Vibrancy, Herringbone and Sui Gives New Angles To Fashion With Their New Launch ‘Suigarh’

Fashion today is not about bowing down to trends but about reflecting the individuality of the wearer. The stalwarts of this philosophy are Kabir Mehra and Samarth Hegde, the dynamic duo and masterminds behind Herringbone & Sui, Pangolin, and Suigarh – three distinct brands that cater to unique style needs and sensibilities.

As college friends, they bonded over their shared passion for fashion. This shared interest led them to identify a gap in the Indian market – an absence of affordable luxury fashion that met their exacting standards. Using their experiences from previous jobs and the knowledge they gained from various interactions, Mehra and Hegde set out to fill this void and established Herringbone & Sui.

Herringbone & Sui, the brand where the journey started, is a purveyor of bespoke suits and Indian ethnic wear for discerning gentlemen. The brand blends classic elegance with modern sophistication, much akin to affordable Zegna, its philosophy rooted in traditional Neapolitan tailoring. What sets Herringbone & Sui apart is its unique East-meets-West fusion and its Indian artisans, trained in Italian techniques, creating sartorial garments from the finest European fabrics. The garments reflect impeccable fit, style, and value. Hegde mentions, “We’re not just a brand; we’re a mission. Our mission is to create premium, stylish, and custom-made menswear that reflects each client’s unique style and individuality.”

The duo didn’t rest on their laurels as the brand gained traction. They expanded their portfolio with Pangolin. Straying away from the conventional narrative of sustainability, Pangolin was pitched as a brand offering ‘better basics’. Fun colours, vibrant visuals, and a groovy vibe make Pangolin a brand for Gen Z/Millenials who appreciate quality, comfort, and innovation in their everyday wear. “Pangolin is about making everyday life a little better, a little brighter, by improving the basics,” Mehra says, “We try to strike a balance, offering high-quality basics that are comfortable and long-lasting but also have a style quotient.”

The third gem in this impressive trio is Suigarh. The brand redefines ethnic wear for the modern Gen Z man, blending traditional and contemporary styles to create stunning Indian menswear that’s both affordable and stylish. With Suigarh, the duo wants to make celebrations more vibrant. Suigarh stands for bold, playful, contemporary designs, and its brand personality resonates with those who like to wear tradition with vibrancy.

The founders’ journey was not without its fair share of hurdles. From battling the impact of demonetisation and GST to navigating the stormy waters of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mehra and Hegde have shown grit and determination. The brand attracted the attention of angel investors, including the likes of Abhishek Bachchan and Rana Daggubati, as well as senior honchos from one of the world’s largest luxury conglomerates.

The brands cater to a wide demographic range – Herringbone & Sui to the discerning gentleman appreciating the finer things in life, Pangolin to the trendy, price-conscious Gen Z/Millenials, and Suigarh to the stylish individual always on the lookout for a fresh ethnic look. The founders’ understanding of their respective demographics has clearly played a key role in their success. The dynamic duo plans to expand their reach by opening brick-and-mortar stores for Herringbone & Sui and Suigarh from 2024.

Summing up their vision, Mehra says, “Fashion is what the market pushes. Trends are put out by brands. Style is individual. Our goal as a house of brands is to help people find their individual styles and feel their best, so they perform their best.” Looking at their journey so far, there is little doubt that the brands of Mehra and Hegde will continue to shape the landscape of Indian fashion for years to come.