Women Icons Network promotes Gender Equality: Launches ‘Collective for Equality’ initiative


Singapore based Women Icons Network, has launched an initiative named– “The Collective for Equality” to advance and support the activities of associations, projects, and individuals accomplishing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that manages to accomplish gender equality and women empowerment.

This is a non-profit driven activity. Their members will be guided on a free premise by a Council of Leaders. Their objective is to expand gender equality, deepen the association’s responsibility for gender equity, and to broaden the pool of women pioneers.

Manisha Seewal and DrVinika Rao of Grace Park have joined the Council of Leaders to support the Collective’s endeavors in Singapore. The Council will be extended with other similar pioneers.

DocDoc who is the Co-Founder and President of Grace Park stated that even though sustainable developmental goals are common for the world, each nation needs to work inside the limits of monetary, political, and social real factors. Hence, it is significant that pioneers in Singapore meet up to find creative yet viable approaches to beat the difficulties of gender inequalities.

Manisha Seewal who is the Group CMO, Carro, and CEO of Jualo.com stated that each association independent of their size, area, or residence should have its impact to guarantee that Singapore has a gender unbiased work environment. She added that in any case, they need to perceive and help associations that need a push to find the drawn out advantages of having a gender balanced work strategy.

Vishwesh Iyer, who is the Co-Founder and Director of Women Icons Network stated that the issues of tending to Gender Inequities have been additionally exacerbated by the pandemic. It is significant for pioneers to perceive that running after a gender unbiased work environment is probably the big challenge confronting us today at the convergence of social and financial disparities.

The activity, driven by the Women Icons Network, is a means to discuss the issue of gender equity as advised by the Singapore government. This activity will pave way for the discussions on women’s development also. Following the launch in Singapore, The Collective will be started in Malaysia and India soon.


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