Wondrlab and Chaayos launch a campaign for Mother’s Day


Mothers are miracle workers. They are well aware of our thoughts. Children are rarely required to express their desires. Even before you do, your mother knows. It’s no surprise, then, that children feel compelled to go above and beyond for their super-moms, resulting in the nicest yet craziest of gestures. 

Wondrlab, a martech firm, created an engaging, effortless, and relatable campaign for Chaayos, India’s one-stop-shop for chai needs, with this in mind. “Relax kids, your mums know you love them!” says the campaign. 

In a lovely way, Wondrlab’s campaign for Chaayos teaches kids that it’s fine to relax on Mother’s Day and drink a cup of hot chai with their beloved mothers, celebrating an intimate and special Mother’s Day. The brand clip depicts children attempting to appease their mothers by, among other things, preparing cakes but forgetting to clean up afterwards or ordering a gift online but asking the mother to pay on delivery. 

We witness a bunch of mothers enjoying a lighthearted talk about quirky but adorable situations like this. The cleverly constructed commercial demonstrates that our mothers are the ones who know us best, so sit back, relax, and let her do the same. 

“It’s Mother’s Day again,” Sameet Ali Soni, Content Lead at Wondrlab, said of the campaign. We see the same cloying, soppy advertising every year on Mother’s Day. Communication is predictable in general. People’s behaviour is similar. By altering our profile picture or writing a sweet status post, we all make an effort. Even mothers, it turns out, realise it’s excessive. As a result, we decided to take a lighter approach. Because, with our premise of Chai+ Snacks = Relax, Chaayos is all about relaxing. On Mother’s Day, we told the kids too to relax and not try so hard. Instead, spend some time with their mother over a soothing cup of chai.” 

Chaayos encourages children to relax by taking a lighthearted but insightful look at the children who stress out and go out of their way on Mother’s Day to do something ‘special.’ The promotion encourages children to relax and appreciate the simple, priceless moments with their mothers while sipping a hot cup of chai.  

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