Xiaomi launches Mi Water Purifier with smart features


The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is having a smart solution to drink water. Well, the vendor has transitioned into an all-rounder from being a smartphone maker. Initially, Xiaomi started with smartphones, and it went on introducing power banks, lamps and AC in India. Now, it is time for a Mi Water Purifier.

The Vice President of Xiaomi, Hugo Barra stated that this is a product that the company has been eagerly looking forward to introduce in India soon. The Mi Water Purifier announced on Saturday makes even tap water drinkable with the Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology. The appliance is super compact and it displays the real time water quality. The Mi Water Purifier even reminds you on your smartphone when the filter has to be replaced.

The Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier is priced at 1,299 Yuan (approx. Rs 13,279). The appliance has been developed by Yunmi Technology and the purifier makes use of Reverse Osmosis (RO) in order to purify the water. This is the same process that is used by the bottled pure water filtration, medical water and desalinization.

The Mi Water Purifier has four filters – a cotton filter, a RO membrane and two activated coconut carbon filter. The first one, the cotton filter is responsible to clean the sediments, rust and other impurities from the water. The carbon filter reduces the color and discoloration and improves the taste of water as well. At last, the RO membrane filters the heavy metals, bacteria and organic matter in the water, making the water safe to drink.

Similar to the other products that are launched in the Xiaomi connected ecosystem, the purifier can be controlled using a smartphone. The installed applications provide real time data on the purity level of the water. The purifier also reminds the users of the appliance on when the filter has to be replaced. It has been touted by Xiaomi that this water purifier is eight times faster in action than the standard purifiers.




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