Yellow Class Unveils New Brand Identity; Renames to SpeakX

Yellow Class Unveils New Brand Identity; Renames to SpeakX
Yellow Class Unveils New Brand Identity; Renames to SpeakX

Yellow Class has revealed a new name as part of its extensive rebranding initiative, reflecting the company’s focus on revolutionizing the English education landscape.

November 2023: Yellow Class is thrilled to announce its remarkable transformation in conjunction with a robust future vision and goal. At the heart of this extensive rebranding exercise is the change of the company’s name to SpeakX, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to empowering children to speak English fluently and confidently.

With a potential audience of 200 million children worldwide, SpeakX has showcased commendable dedication to making English learning accessible to all young learners. By transforming a rigorous English learning process into an enjoyable and efficient one, SpeakX is addressing the critical need for English proficiency—a skill pivotal for global citizenship and career advancement in today’s fiercely competitive job market.

Elated about redefining the traditional English education paradigm, Arpit Mittal, Founder of SpeakX, said, “SpeakX is not just an educational tool; it’s a catalyst for breaking language barriers. Our vision is to equip every child with the confidence and capability to converse in English, opening doors to endless opportunities and a world wherein every child’s voice is celebrated. With SpeakX, you can expect the same captivating lessons, a supportive community, innovative features, and, most importantly, a dedicated team to deliver a personalized learning journey.”

Taking a leap towards innovative English education, the platform utilizes speech technology and Large Language Models (LLM) to create a personalized AI tutor, making learning an adventure. With a unique English learning method featuring personalized guidance, adaptive learning, engaging content delivery, and an average retention of three years at an affordable monthly subscription of Rs 200 per student, SpeakX stands as a scalable solution in the burgeoning EdTech sector. The EdTech platform distinguishes itself from other market players through its unique three-layered AI system, which prioritizes speech, learning objectives, and customized content.

The platform has successfully raised Series A funding of $6 million, led by Elevation Capital and India Quotient. Adding to its accolades, the company was recently honored with the “Best Ed Tech Provider of the Year” Award at the World Education Summit in Malaysia. Not just this, the company has also been recognized as one of the “Select 200 Companies” with “Global Business Potential” by Forbes India.

Continuing on a journey to explore, excel, and express, SpeakX portrays an unwavering commitment to empowering children globally with the universal passport of language. Poised to alter the global education market, by creating a future where every child, irrespective of geographical barriers, can effortlessly master the English language, realizing their utmost potential.