Yellow named creative agency for Sephora India


Yellow, a Mumbai-based integrated global creative firm, has announced the acquisition of its latest client, the worldwide beauty store giant Sephora, which is managed by Arvind Lifestyle Brands in India. 

The firm will be in charge of all online and offline communications for the company, including social media, celebrity marketing, and e-commerce.

Shrey Doshi, Creative Director & Founder of Yellow, commented on the purchase, saying, “Sephora is the grabbed source for all things beauty and skincare all throughout the world, and we’re looking forward to teaming with such an iconic symbol and promoting it across India.” We’ve worked extensively with straightforward beauty and skincare firms over the years, and we’re enthusiastic to integrate our relevant expertise with Sephora’s multinational expertise.”

Sephora is an international retailer of personal care and cosmetic items based in France. Sephora provides cosmetics, skincare, body, fragrance, nail color, beauty tools, body lotions, and haircare, as well as almost 340 brands and its own private label, Sephora Collection. 

Sephora was created in Limoges in 1970 and is now headquartered in Paris. As of 1997, Sephora is owned by luxury giant LVMH. The name is derived from the Greek spelling of Zipporah.

Sephora also promotes its own make-up, skincare, beauty equipment, and accessories under the Sephora Collection brand. Previously, the packaging for the range featured the company’s flared flame insignia in standard black print. The revamped “Sephora Quality, Really Good Price” emblem with the $ ring features in the new logo.

Sephora’s endeavors promoting sustainable development were commended in December 2015. The Génération Reinforcement layers bestowed the enterprise the Sustainable Brand accreditation as well as the 2015 R Award for eco-design. According to Global Cosmetic News, Sephora’s newly announced display cases have a 30% lighter metal frame that will eliminate CO2 emissions by 220 megatons. 

Sephora stated in 2020 that it will no longer distribute eyelashes made of mink fur, which has been implicated to farms where animals are mishandled. Concerned customers and a PETA campaign led the firm to sell purely synthetic lashes.

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