SleepyCat collaborates with Nikhat Zareen and Srikanth Kidambi


SleepyCat, India’s premium Direct-to-customer (D2C) brand for sleep solutions, has launched a new campaign with world-champion sports personalities Nikhat Zareen (boxer) and Srikanth Kidambi (badminton player) for their flagship product Ultima Mattress. The mattress has great comfort and support functionalities which are highlighted in a series of videos in the campaign.

It has cutting-edge features like the CoolTEC fabric that will keep you up to 4 degrees cooler, and DeepTouch Pressure Technology that provides 7-zone support as you sleep.

 The videos feature athletes Nikhat and Srikanth at the height of their athletic performance in the ring and on the court respectively, and this is juxtaposed to their daily relaxing selves. Nikhat Zareen, the gold medallist at the 2022 IBA Women’s World Boxing Championship, recounts being hot-headed and invincible while at the peak of her performance in the ring. Yet, when it comes to resting and recovering, she loves sleeping cool, plus opts for a mattress that will support her well through the night. Choosing SleepyCat’s Ultima Mattress is in line with Nikhat’s aim of achieving a gold standard in everything that she does.

Srikanth Kidambi, who is known for his agility and dexterity on the badminton court, features in SleepyCat’s Ultima Mattress campaign similarly. The video alternates between Srikanth on and off the court, contrasting his blazing speed during a match with the cooling sleep that follows it. As an athlete who pushes himself to the maximum in every match that he plays, Srikanth admits to giving in to comfort at night. Whether he is delivering the game-winning smash or choosing the right mattress for himself, missing the mark is never an option for Srikanth.

SleepyCat offers a range of sleep solution products that cater to your requirements and the need to achieve sound sleep. Right from their original bestseller mattresses that provide the perfect balance between support and comfort, to those mattresses designed specially for babies and backs, SleepyCat does serve a wide range of solutions for all individuals.

They provide a variety of pillow options as well, from CoolTEC and SoftTouch Memory Foam to their Cuddle, Slim, and Hybrid line-ups. Their Ohayo Beds, which are inspired by Japanese craftsmanship, are a do-it-yourself stunner for a strong yet stylish foundation of mattresses. In addition to these offerings, SleepyCat provides mattress protectors, blankets, muslin throws, pet beds, and weighted blankets.

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