SleepyCat dispatches an all-new mission for the Ultima Mattress


SleepyCat, India’s top-notch D2C rest arrangements brand, dispatches its generally new mission for the Ultima Mattress with professional comic and entertainer, Vir Das. Planned with a progressive CoolTEC™ texture and DeepTouch™ Pressure Technology, the Ultima is India’s most memorable bedding that keeps the client 4° cooler and offers 7-zone body help. In obvious Vir Das soul, the mission features the standout elements of the item through a peculiar portrayal of what solace genuinely closely resembles, with the UItima Mattress.

The mission starts off with Vir Das sound sleeping in an extravagant igloo, cuddling in the lap of solace, implying the cooling component of the bedding. Abruptly Vir is taken back to the real world and winds up resting in his own bed, on a SleepyCat Ultima Mattress. The straightforward yet outwardly dazzling story draws out the state-of-the-art innovation of the CoolTech™ texture of the Ultima Mattress, which is known to draw heat away from the body in this way keeping you up to 4° cooler.

In the subsequent film, Vir Das embodies the encapsulation of unwinding, on a back, rubbed in an extravagance spa. Vir should be visibly awakening with his caution, just to end up in his own bed on the Ultima sleeping cushion. Each layer of the Ultima sleeping cushion is molded with the help expected by various pieces of the body utilizing DeepTouch™ Pressure Technology. This assists the bedding with giving exact and responsive 7-zone support, likened to a quieting knead that assists you with getting further, more peaceful rest.

As a consistently in a hurry, person, visiting the world and giving Honor-winning exhibitions, Vir Das genuinely figures out the significance of sound rest and unrivaled solace.

Talking about his relationship with SleepyCat, Vir Das remarks, “I have an adoration disdain relationship with rest. I love it such a lot that I disdain not possessing sufficient energy for it.

So I need to capitalize on the 7-8 hours I get. Furthermore, having a decent, yet friggin great sleeping cushion is a non-debatable thing for me. SleepyCat has these very inventive items that really take care of explicit client needs, and I love that they’re paying special attention to us. What intrigued me the most about Ultima Mattress is that it really keeps your body 4° cooler. What’s more, you realize that the line I am in needs one to have a cool and gathered head. It additionally gives you more than adequate help like we as a whole need, in a sleeping cushion and life overall!

In the event that I would be able, I would convey it with me any place I go.”

Remarking on the new mission with Vir Das, Kabir Siddiq, Founder and CEO, SleepyCat says, “With our central goal to give unparalleled solace and sound rest arrangements, we are continuously incorporating cutting edge innovation that pushes the envelope with every item we send off.

The Ultima, which is India’s most memorable bedding with CoolTEC™ texture and DeepTouch™ Pressure Technology, is set to change the norm of rest. Meeting up with an inventive stalwart like Vir Das has been an astounding excursion. He is the best portrayal of the youthful Indian-dynamic, knowing and values the worth of genuine solace and emotional wellness.

Through this mission, individuals will get to see the ‘opposite side’ of Vir’s life-a “rests” rather than a “stand-up”, as he genuinely partakes in the experience of rest. For Vir, the Ultima Mattress checks every one of the containers and we’re certain that this will be the situation until the end of the country too.”

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