YetloSocial: India’s first subscription based digital marketing agency- Case Study


YetloSocial is the first subscription-based digital marketing agency in India which has the main objective to help MSEs to occupy their digital space. Simultaneously, the company assists brands to position themselves in their competitive markets.

YetloSocial concentrates more on client maintenance over new clients obtaining. The way the company generates revenue is very different from other digital marketing agencies, in which a single client pays multiple payments for long term marketing services.

It is very flexible for both client and agency since the payments are in subscriptions. It assures the client about the delivery of services. The client can cancel the subscription plan anytime if they are dissatisfied with the services that the agency offered.

YetloSocial initially introduced a beta version of the subscription method and generated leads quickly. In the first month itself, the company gained 7 clients and now they are working with more than 50 clients. The funnel they are promoting is very different from other agencies. They follow the concept of ’Subscribe – Get Satisfied Results – Continue Subscription’

Through these subscription plans, Yetlosocial has the merits of better control over the marketing results, exclusive support for subscribers, EMI and flexible payment plans, and any-time cancellation of the subscription. YetloSocial enthusiastically endeavors to give its customers services that are worth more than the money.

Established by Sathiya Narayanan, a Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Consultant, YetloSocial targets facilitating Digital Marketing for everybody. Sathiya holds an MBA in Ecommerce and has enough experience in Ideas Generation, Market Research, Competitive Analysis, Technologies Development, Business Strategies, Growth Hacking and Digital Marketing.

Sathiya says “Every client of YetloSocial is unique by their nature, needs and dreams. We always try to ensure that they are satisfied with their needs. We educate them about how their business can be built into multiple folds with the help of Technological Development & Marketing as well. That is the reason our customers have been retained since day 1 of working with us.”

On asking about the subscription pricing model that YetloSocial follows, Sathiya says that the company has the aim to ensure all small businesses are availing their digital marketing services at a cheap price. The company has served different industries such as the Automobile industry, Real Estate, E-commerce and Education, Health and Fitness, Oil and Drilling, Hotels and Hospitality and many more.


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