Your car insurance claims can be rejected


We tend to expect our motor underwriter institution to make amends for any claim raised throughout the term of the policy. Here are some reasons that may result in claims being rejected or not fully paid:

Insured Declared Worth (IDV):

IDV is that the value of your vehicle at the time of shopping for insurance. It’s the number that you simply can get just in case your vehicle is taken or suffers a complete loss.

No Claim Bonus (NCB):

This can be an award (discount) given by the insurance firm to the insured at the time of policy renewal, for not raising any claim requests throughout a policy year. It’s vital to declare the proper claim standing to induce correct NCB as per the vary (usually between twenty to 50%) since the incorrect declaration might result in conflict at the time of claim.

Delay in claim intimation:

When an accident occurs, there’s a point in time before that you ought to intimate the insurance firm. Any excessive delay in informing the insurance company will lead to the rejection of the claim.

Driving while not a license/ invalid license:

The motive force of the vehicle has to have a legitimate and effective license. For instance, if he has the license to drive a two-wheeler, however, meets with an accident whereas driving a car, the claim is denied.

Lack of insured interest:

This means that the owner did not transfer the registration and insurance in his name. In such a case, if your vehicle meets with an accident, the claim won’t be pleased by the insurance underwriter, as there’s no conveying of possession through the RTO.

Deception of Facts:

Once you purchase your policy, you’ve got to be forthcoming regarding the condition of your automotive, your previous insurance history, etcetera false declarations may lead to your policy being thought-about invalid and thus canceled by the insurance firm.

Missing an insurance renewal:

Failure to renew your automobile insurance policy on time can result in your policy obtaining lapsed. In such a situation, if your car meets with an accident, the insurance company won’t contemplate the claim and reject it. You may bear all the expenses out of your pocket.

Some necessary add-on cowls to consider:

Zero depreciation: {in during ain AN exceedingly in a very} zero depreciation​ automotive insurance​ policy, the complete claim quantity is paid by the insurance firm while not considering the depreciation on the worth of the car.

Engine Protect:

The engine protection cover is an add-on out there for car house owners to guard their vehicle’s engine against unsure loss and damage. This harm gave that this add-on may be attached to the fundamental vehicle policy.

Different points wherever your claim will get rejected:

Drunk driving is a legal offense, and it’ll lead you to face criminal charges.  Victimization of your non-public automotive for industrial purpose driving outside the desired region outlined in your insurance.

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