YouTube to roll out audio advertisement format


YouTube has successfully test’s new audio advertising format. The Google-owned company YouTube has completed its alpha testing and take the step to beta test for the format. YouTube brings 15-second audio advertisement into the music playlist and YouTube entered into the first radio-like advertisement.

The parent company of Alphabet, Google-owned YouTube completed its alpha version test in a photography company Shutterfly. The photography company Shutterfly experiences a 14% gain in advertisement recall and a 2% gain in favorability among the targeted customers as part of the test.

By entering into a new way of marketing YouTube targets to reach more audiences. The introduction in audio platform advertisement will reflect in a certain group of people who are engaged with other works. YouTube has now given a new opportunity for companies to explore new kinds of marketing to those who were using video-based advertising.

YouTube’s entry into audio-based advertising is really ahead short of Spotify. Spotify is one of the leading explorers of audio-based advertising, who recently give hands to ADDIDAS-owned company Reebok and “My City Unlock” by Hyundai 2021 Elantra.

YouTube is offering “dynamic music lineups” to encourage its customers to leverage its audio platform service as either view as music or listen as background music. The advertisement test conducted by YouTube seems to be a successful one. YouTube has conducted its test from June 2019 to March 2020 and showed a positive result.

YouTube has made a brief study on their new audio-based advertising. YouTube clearly made the forecasting about the volume of revenue that audio-based advertising is going to bring. YouTube’s music streaming includes more than 70 Million official tracks, live performance, covers, and many other contents. The advertising growth of YouTube has been a bright spot for Google’s parent company Alphabet.

The advertisement revenue of YouTube in the third quarter has passed $5 Billion, outpacing the 9.8% advertisement sales growth for the entire company. The entry into the audio advertisement will give them away to increase the revenue drastically from YouTube. YouTube’s focus on the listeners who play music in the background is seen to be a great success. 


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