Zee 24 TAAS celebrates the spirit of Ganesh Utsav with special programming ‘Sukhkarta’

Zee24 Taas Special Programming
Zee 24 TAAS celebrates the spirit of Ganesh Utsav with special programming 'Sukhkarta'

Ganesh Utsav, the vibrant and spiritually enriching festival dedicated to Lord Ganesha, is a time of immense joy and devotion in India. To further illuminate the festive spirit of this auspicious occasion, Zee 24 TAAS has announced ‘Sukhkarta,’ encouraging citizens to delve deep into the profound significance of Lord Ganesha and the divine celebration. 

‘Sukhkarta’ brings to light the divine fervour to life through live broadcasts of sacred rituals, devotional melodies, and captivating cultural performances. It offers viewers an exclusive window into the real-time proceedings of sacred ceremonies, the soothing notes of devotional songs that touch the soul, and captivating cultural showcases.

This extraordinary programming also offers viewers a front-row seat to witness the pilgrimage to the eight Ganesh temples in the Maharashtra state of India, each of which houses a unique idol of Lord Ganesha. Each temple has its distinct legend and history, making them as diverse as the revered murtis. Additionally, the wide audience of Zee 24 TAAS will have the opportunity to witness live coverage of the Ganesh Visarjan ceremony, where the idol of Lord Ganesha is immersed in a body of water.

Expressing the profound sentiment of the festive season, Nilesh Khare, Editor of Zee 24 TAAS, said, “As Lord Ganesh is revered as the god of art, ‘Sukhkarta’ serves as a tribute to the artistry of life, embracing its diverse facets through the expressions of talented artists. We celebrate the creative spirit that infuses every aspect of our existence, just as Lord Ganesh inspires artistry in all of us.”

“With ‘Sukhkarta,’ we embark on a journey to illuminate the profound cultural and spiritual significance of Ganesh Utsav. Our pilgrimage to the sacred Ashtavinayak temples symbolizes our commitment to preserving and sharing the deep-rooted traditions of Maharashtra,” further highlighted Abhay Ojha, CEO of Zee Media Corporation Limited.

Beyond the cultural and spiritual offerings, ‘Sukhkarta’ on Zee 24 TAAS also featured an engaging modak contest, a delectable nod to the sweet treat cherished by Lord Ganesha. 

Co-presented by Mahindra Oja Tractor & Amrith Noni – Pain Relief Spray, ‘Sukhkarta’ is powered by Nirma Shudh Namak, Special Partners – Gokul, Dear Government Lottery, Associate Sponsors – K-Pra Foods, Mandke Hearing Services-Pune, Kirti Agarbatti & Calton Paint>

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