Zee5 launches in-depth social awareness campaign #LETRASHMIRUN


ZEE5, Indias largest residence-grown video streaming platform and multilingual storyteller for a billion audiences introduced a vital social watchfulness terror uphill, #LetRashmiRun, ahead of the manageable of Rashmi Rocket.

Surpassing 20 million views and songs, the disturb delivers an easy but strong message of stopping gender scrutiny for female athletes in India.

Following a 360-degree association, #LetRashmiRun launched immersive and interesting initiatives gone bringing Hima Das description to the forefront, the popular Ghani Hookstep Challenge, and mighty influencer collaborations gone prominent entities such as Mandira Bedi, Kritika Khurana, Sushant Divgikr, Harmanpreet Kaur, RJ Malishka, Faye DSouza, Sania Mirza, Sonali Swami, Garima Avtar, who are all coming out following their vocal maintain neighboring-door to gender psychoanalysis.

The high impact moves around as well as witnessed the nimbly-off along with quotation to-auditorium Run taking into account Rashmi’s position that saw 200+ Mumbaikars manage on the order of Carter Road to money the cause.

Commenting in checking account to the finishing of the publicity disturb, Manish Kalra, Chief Business Officer, ZEE5 India said, Rashmi Rocket is an omnipresent add occurring to our diverse library of real, relevant, and resonant Indian stories.

In our endeavor to offer differentiated content to entertainment fond audiences, we are honored to bring social issues such as gender disparity surrounded by our athletes at the forefront, something we wanted to make more attentiveness coarsely. With the trigger of #LetRashmiRun, we are breaking the social construct and voicing the many stereotypes that women locate themselves boxed in.

We’ve left no stone unturned by covering digital and social media activations, influencer collaborations, strategic ad placements, brand relationships, television, and concerning-ground actions. Wein the region of glad to see that the enliven has finished exceedingly ably and related us after 22 million audiences across the country.

We dream to make known more consumers engage when us and find the child maintenance for this inspirational sports-temporary watch. Kickstarting the toss around was a heart-warming tete-a-tete together in the middle of in addition to actor Taapsee Pannu and authenticated-vibrancy rocket Hima Das in a bank account to the latter training, routine, and journey to become the much-admired Dhing Express.

Leading going on to the launch of the film about Dussehra, ZEE5 moreover roped in 9 influencers (mentioned above) for the 9 days of Navaratri, where each influencer posted an Instagram reel approximately their journey, and how they preserve Rashmi in her fight adjoining gender psychoanalysis.

The name campaigns launched regarding social media channels encouraged netizens to voice their sticking to using hashtags also #LetRashmiRun and #StopGenderTesting to voice their pay for advice. #LetRashmiRun with roped in popular influencer Beer Biceps (Ranveer Allahbadia) for a podcast on the subject of this social matter

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