Zepto Just Made Monsoons Better

Zepto Just Made Monsoons Better
Zepto Just Made Monsoons Better
Zepto, India’s fastest-growing consumer internet company, is delighted to announce the launch of its new monsoon feature, designed to bring extra joy to your rainy days. This feature introduces quick bundles of monsoon love that go live in an area when it rains: when you order tea, you’ll get a nudge to make it a binge-worthy monsoon with a pakoda mix or Maggi. Over 150 such bundles, along with Buy One Get One offers (BOGO), have been made live on the app to delight our customers and provide them with their perfect monsoon fix—because chai and pakodas hit different during the monsoon.
This exciting feature was inspired by a recent interaction shared by one of our valued customers, Yash Challani. Yash’s LinkedIn post showcased his delightful chat with Zepto’s customer care, where the recommendation of chai and pakoda for the monsoon received immense love from fellow like-minded Indians. The post quickly gained traction, garnering love from over 250 people and catching the attention of our CEO and Co-founder, Aadit Palicha.
True to Zepto’s 10-minute magic, Aadit promptly responded to this customer love by launching the monsoon feature on the app. Within 24 hours of Yash’s post, the feature was live, exemplifying Zepto’s commitment to swift innovation and customer delight.
Here’s a glimpse of the interaction that sparked it all:
Join us in celebrating the monsoon season with Zepto’s new feature and enjoy the perfect rainy day companion. Check out the homepage of Zepto to explore these delightful bundles and make the most of the monsoon magic.