Zivame joins hands in the scale of femininity


Zivame, India’s one of the foremost lingerie wear destinations for women hosted a bridal shower for one of their consumers in their retail outlet in Bangalore.

The bride’s maid opened a new door of womanhood to the world and for the bride to be regarding her big day. They set an example by viewing what was considered inadequate and least important as a necessary upholding of independence.

Zivame Bridal Shower

The way we perceive ourselves is identical to how we expect others to see us well. The motto of Zivame “ Live Yourself Inside Out ” paved the way in enabling us to learn and strengthen the relationship we hold with ourselves and not be ashamed of showing up the things to the world that make up you. Here the bride’s maid’s token of a gift for the bride to be was taking her a step ahead of acceptance.

Zivame offers an exquisite collection of bridal lingerie that we can get to see here. Pre-wedding Wear, Wedding Wear, and Post Wedding Wear.

Zivame offers all their products to all the customers despite their age but likeability and comfortability. They also offer a wide range of products in activewear, sleepwear, shapewear, workout wear that are a perfect fit for all body sizes and shapes. 

Here the Zivame’s fit expert guided the bride to be through her trousseau shopping along with the bride’s maid to the exclusive collection of wedding wear that can be offered to the bride according to her wedding wear as well as the other people accompanying the bride customizing according to their wears.

The bride’s maid also gifted the bride a set of the new bride wears for the auspicious days that are on her way.

When we access the Zivame website, on the top we have a certain section divided into and we can select according to our need which will redirect us again into many options in the lingerie they offer to us. They also make our job easier by providing us with the bestsellers of the year at the end of the year.

They also provide us with seasonal offers or regarding their store agenda. If you are a customer of Zivame you will get to know about the offers and sales taking place officially either by mail, text message, or by both. Or you can get to know if you keep a regular check on the official website of Zivame. While purchasing a collection of wears together also give customers a slight account from their side.

The products and the quality in which they are made are very safe to every woman out there who doesn’t want to have a second thought in buying them and if you are one among the bride-to-be and searching for the best lingerie wears your store is here – Zivame. 

Live Yourself Inside Out!

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