#AtHomeWithOreo: Understanding the New Campaign by OREO


Oreo, the Mondelez biscuit company has unveiled its ‘# AtHomewithOreo’ digital campaign to help its customers to show their creative plugs and fuel innovation with Oreo cookies. The brand tries to infuse a dose of fun into their daily lives by embracing this new standard by engaging in events and challenges that have a strange way of helping people remain connected.

Recently, the 2.0 version of the anthem (Make Way for Play) was launched adding an extension to the campaign encouraging consumers not only to create moments of cheerfulness but also to express and share them with their loved ones.

Mark Mcdonald, executive vice president and creative head of India, Digitas, said “After the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdown, it is clear that the urge of people to link, share and innovate has not clouded. If something, then this is on the rise. Oreo as a brand has always been dedicated to promoting and fostering enjoyable family moments, and campaign #AtHomeWithOreo aims to empower and motivate people to take playfulness while remaining indoors. We have ensured that the spirit is alive and well, from fun recipes with Oreo to keeping its hands busy with Oreo Art, and even giving adults a break from their WFH madness. The initiative was further intensified with # MakeWayForPlay.

Sudhanshu Nagpal, Marketing Associate (Biscuits), Mondelez India, said, “With Oreo, our mission has always been to bring families closer through fun moments, and the present situation has proved fitting to redesign our strategy by combining a sense of stability and fun with the country ‘s favourite cookie. # AtHomeWithOreo was another effort to bring people together again and support families by freeing them from the boredom of loneliness by means of a variety of stimulating events. While the shutdown persists, we’re just trying to strengthen our engagement with customers through the campaign and provide them with avenues to keep their creativity plug sparking.

Rajdeepak Das, South Asia chief creative officer and managing director, India, Leo Burnett, said, “Work from Home has created a huge gap between work and home. While we spend more time at home, because of all the added housework and office work we actually spend a little less time with our kids. Kids, on the other hand, feel like they should spend more time playing with them while the parents are at home. We want to inspire parents to actively take time out to have some fun moments with their kids cooking, making to playing inside their homes with our #AtHomeWithOreo’ campaign.”


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