Amul-The Utterly Love maintains its supremacy during COVID times


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the lockdown times measured the capability of individuals, families, partnerships, organizations, and brands as well. We’ve seen famous companies and brands fall by the wayside at the first sign of trouble and surrendering themselves to the crisis. It says a lot about the organization’s identity and the brand. Despite the lockdown related to COVID, Amul has once again genuinely etched his place in the hall of fame and endeavored to the fans in these difficult times. In a crisis like COVID, the brand has maintained its supremacy.

Amul faces competition with numerous brands across categories and within the daily dairy goods market – brands such as Cadbury’s, Mother Diary, and other titans. Amul is a pioneer in most of these categories and has little to prove in terms of pure numbers-sales, amounts, market share, etc.

And how do you do this – interact with your consumers to strengthen your appeal, engage with your audience to connect beyond the purchase, display compassion to create a powerful connection with the stakeholders and innovate to stay ahead for the market to follow. In all those departments Amul has outshone himself and how!

Engagement of the audience: The Amul girl during these days was spinning her own magic, admiring working women who worked from home, grieving the loss of celebrities, reflecting the national anti-China trend in the wake of the Galvan Valley standoff and so much more. That takes the cake (literally) though is the #SimpleHomemadeRecipes, the immensely popular Amul FaceBook live app. They invite chefs to showcase their craft from famous restaurants, bakeries, catering institutions, and others live on the app. The chefs create Simple Homemade Recipes using a wide range of Amul products.

Demonstrate empathy: As other private milk companies stopped purchasing from farmers during the lockout, the milk unions affiliated with Amul procured an additional 35 lakh liters of milk per day. This in return helped the farmers, and naturally bumped up Amul’s demand. These progressive steps are good not only for business but also good for building relationships among customers and society as a whole.

Innovation to remain ahead: One of the attributes of a dominant brand is constant creativity. Amul has a product range of over 300 products, and they have released a few items in the last few weeks if that was not enough. In addition to the Haldi version, Amul has introduced the Ginger and Tulsi versions of flavored milk in bottles. It was meant to improve immunity and help to counter COVID. Panchamrit (a blend of honey, sugar, curd, milk, and ghee) has also recently been launched by Amul.

Communication to keep in touch: Amul has become one of the more prominent brands in the COVID related lockdown. They launched a campaign consisting of announcements under the name ‘Amul Classics’ that were a compilation of old advertisements. The older party connected by pure nostalgia to the classic ads and the younger bunch connected with the latest sleek advertising.


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