10 most traded cryptocurrency in global market in September 2021


After a period of steady growth in the third quarter of the year, the global crypto market has been quite bustling in September. Following a ban on cryptocurrency transactions and mining by China’s central bank, which deemed all cryptos illegal in the nation, the world’s leading digital currencies have all seen significant price declines in the past few weeks. Trading activity has been hamper by the fresh attack on the crypto market.

Here we have listed down the top 10 cryptocurrencies traded in September 2021:


Tether, the world’s most traded cryptocurrency, had a 56% increase in trading volume in September. The world’s most popular stable currency had a monthly trading volume of close to $1.8 trillion in August, some $100 billion less than Shiba Inu, which led the list that month. 


Bitcoin has been increasing before the dip, with a plunge below $30,000 in July. Since peaking at $52,000 on September 6, the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency has stuck at $45,000, unable to break through $50,000. According to CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin was the second most-traded cryptocurrency in September, with almost $1.2 trillion in monthly trading volume, up 53% from August.


Ethereum saw a more substantial trading volume rise. According to statistics, the total value of all Ethereum tokens exchanged in September was $750 billion, up from $393 billion the previous month.

Ethereum Classic

In September, Ethereum Classic rose three spots to become the fourth most-traded cryptocurrency. Last month, its trade volume increased by 79% to $220 billion. 

USD Coin

USD Coin, which didn’t even make the list of most traded cryptos in August, rounded out the top five with $214.8 billion in September.


Binance cryptos ranked sixth with a monthly trading volume of $192bn.


Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency ranked seventh on the list with a monthly trading volume of $167bn.


XRP also rose one position, with over $149 billion in September buy volume, from $97.3 billion in August.


The Solana cryptocurrency ranked ninth in trade volume, with a $ 130.2 billion monthly volume in September. Furthermore, according to CoinMarketCap data, Solana was the fastest rising digital asset in the crypto world this year.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash rounded out the top 10, with $116.5 billion in monthly trading volume, up from $80.3 billion in August.

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