6 AI-powered inspection tools

AI-based inspection tool
AI-based inspection tool

Coronavirus has gradually compelled firms to include artificial intelligence (AI) into their manufacturing processes. According to the survey, 76% of manufacturers have used modern technologies like artificial intelligence, data analytics, and cloud computing. Furthermore, 66% of CEOs who utilize AI in their daily work have stated that their reliance on innovation is rising steadily. 

With this advancement, traditional quality control inspection procedures fall short. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a speciality that manufacturers believe will usher in a new era of development.

So, here we have listed down the top 6 AI-powered inspection tools available in today’s market:

  • Smart Cameras

One of the finest AI-based inspection tools is the industrial AI smart camera, which combines hardware with a pre-installed software environment to embed AI capabilities directly into the camera. 

The all-in-one integration of image sensors, GPU or VPU modules, cables, industrial rich I/O, protocol communication, and analytics enhances interoperability, speeds up installation, and reduces maintenance difficulties, making it appropriate for a wide range of quality inspection applications.

  • Automated Quality Inspection Systems

Machine vision-assisted quality inspection systems AI software can identify what it sees, learn and improve over time and construct automated workflows example, recognizing a defect as a crease and telling a conveyors controller to slow down. 

AI software for machine vision provides specialists with the tools they need to design, test, and deploy AI models more quickly.

  • 3D AI Construction Inspection

With cutting-edge and easy-to-use 3D artificial intelligence technology, 3D AI construction inspection software assist construction monitoring, testing, and inspection. 

With unrivalled construction quality inspection and progress monitoring at your fingertips, the 3D AI construction inspection software solution is one of the finest AI-based inspection solutions available, allowing you to complete your project faster and more efficiently.

  • Building Inspection Tool

The building inspection tool searches the building inspection reports for keywords using text mining techniques. 

It determines the type of damage and the extent of the problem based on the damage descriptions in the inspection reports. The damage is then classified into four severity degrees using unsupervised clustering.

  • Inspection²

Inspection² handle industrial inspection data. As a result, the breadth and volume of data that may be imported and exported are substantial. 

Inspection² automates the detection and measurement of anomalies across thousands of photos in a couple of minutes. Inspection² software uses artificial intelligence to detect abnormalities in hundreds of photos, reducing time and offering more trustworthy findings. 

  • Visual Inspection AI

A visual inspection AI tool assists manufacturers in identifying flaws in items before shipment. 

Visual inspection AI intends for various sectors and use-cases, including automotive, semiconductor manufacturing, and electronics manufacturing.

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