82% teenagers in metros own a mobile phone & 68% shop online: TCS Gen-Y 2013-14 Survey


June 12, 2014: The new TCS Gen-Y 2013-14 survey report is out and according to it 82% teenagers in metros own a mobile phone and the number is even higher in mini metros. It is reported that 90% teenagers have mobile phones in mini metros. This and more interesting statistics have come out of the survey which covered 18,196 students in the age group of 12-18 years. The study which was aimed to study the digital preferences of high school students was conducted across 14 cities in the country. The other statistics reported in TCS Gen-Y survey are:

  • Almost 70% of the teenagers shop online
  • Teenagers in mini-metros are ahead of their counterparts in adopting digital lifestyles.
  • Over 68% of the teenagers shop online and this is much higher than the last year’s figure of 37%.
  • The teenagers are shopping more for clothes and accessories according to report whereas last year they were shopping movie tickets and books.
  • Regarding social media usage, it was found that teenagers in mini-metros are using it more for school projects and 66% feel that it helps them perform better in studied. The figure in metros stands at 60%. Facebook continues to be the most preferred social media network.
  • 85.5% respondents have a Facebook profile and 21% posted everyday which highlights the usage patter of this preferred media
  • Over 31 % respondents had Twitter account but only 2.7% indicated it as the most preferred social network. This indicates that Twitter is not the preferred choice of most of the teenagers.
  • Among the preferred gadgets, mobile phones and tablets were the most preferred by the teenagers. The other preferred devices were Mp3 players and gaming consoles.

This study highlights a very important aspect that it’s not the metros where most of the action is happening but it’s the non metros or smaller cities. Teenagers in smaller cities are increasingly becoming tech savvy and this is good news for the gadget manufacturing companies and as well as online retailers.




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