Swiggy selling men’s footwear on Flipkart !


We all believe that Life is full of surprises and miracles. The most surprising thing we are bringing you is the food delivery app Swiggy is now selling footwear on Flipkart, an e-commerce website.

Swiggy in Twitter with a picture tweeted that “apparently, we also deliver food for the sole.” and tagged Flipkart.

To this Flipkart replied, “Mummy asking ‘ chappal khaoge? ’ hitting way different now.”

Swiggy was offering a 50% discount on the footwear.
Truly, this is the unexpected Swiggy got today and they choose to impart it to us via web-based media. It shared a pic of Flipkart men’s footwear area where we could see a scope of flip failures, running shoes and sports shoes, and every one of them, and the title for all of them was Swiggy.
To this funny conversation, Tata sky added more fun replying “So this is what it means when mum says, “Ek Juta/chappal khayega!”.” with a laughing emoticon.

This caught many of the netizen’s attention.
We keep thinking about whether the conveyance time will decrease significantly or not courtesy of Swiggy.

Flipkart was launched in October 2007. The organization at first centered around online book deals prior to venturing into other item classifications, for example, buyer hardware, style, home fundamentals, food supplies, and way of life items. Now Flipkart is India’s leading e-commerce marketplace with about 80 million products across 80+ categories.

Swiggy is a phoenix that emerged from Harsha and Nandan’s previous endeavor, Bundl Technologies. After a moderate beginning, Swiggy snowballed into a relentless power that is currently changing the manner in which India eats. And now they started selling footwear, unlike their previous works. Let’s hope this work also brings them success.


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