A New Ad Launched by Lifebuoy to Remind the People to Wash Their Hands in This Crisis Period


 Lifebuoy has launched its latest ad which shows us the journey of expressing affection through a girl’s eye. We can see that the girl gives hugs and kisses to her elder sister when they spend their day together. What is remarkable is that this ad shows the physical affection in this COVID era, where people would do social distancing with each other and also has a strict rule of carrying out this strategy. The ad shows the family setup where the little girl follows her big sister everywhere and give her lots of kisses and hugs. This ad was by MullenLowe Lintas and they ask why to put their ‘jhappi pappi’ on hold in fear of the pandemic, and shows the girl washing her hands by using Lifebuoy which is in the shape of red bar soap.

Lifebuoy has been active on the advertising front ever since Coronavirus has been active which forced India to go lockdown. They encourage the buyer to buy their product to keep the virus out of their hands. Lifebuoy took out a full-page ad in the Hindustan Times to remind the people about the best handwashing practices in early 2020. Actress Kajol was announced as the ‘handwashing ambassador’ in March of Lifebuoy soap, which is marketed by Hindustan Unilever (HUL). In the video, she points out the importance of handwashing which is a major effective step to prevent the attack of Coronavirus, and also tells the viewers to use any soap that they have.

HUL distributed 10 lakh medical-grade sanitizers to policemen, doctors, and nurses who all are front line workers in May. HUL partnered with Fullarton Distilleries to overcome the short supply of essential medical-grade sanitizers for the frontline workers. They manufactured and donated 3500 liters of hand sanitizers to the Mumbai police force to keep them safe from the pandemic. OYO Hotels and Homes partnered with Unilever to enhance OYO’s ‘satisfied stays’ initiative in July. Cleaning and disinfecting of OYO properties will be done by using Unilever’s home and personal hygiene brands. To co-create the standard operating procedures (SOPs) Unilever’s R&D will work with OYO to maximize the positive effects of the Unilever products. This became the world’s first instant re-education campaign, which taught over 160 million people to use soap, with no waste. The campaign turned into a life-saving habit from an unsanitary habit.    


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