A new I-T portal 2.0 Continues to face errors & bugs


The new income tax portal 2.0 has been live for a week which was launched on 7th June but after a while users are complaining about e-filing portal 2.0 as faces glitches, grievances & bugs.

Users continue to face issues like long logging in time, non-functioning features, and the inability of users to respond to notices among other glitches on the ITR e-filing portal 2.0. Taxpayers and Chartered Accountants alike have expressed their frustration over the matter. Some reports estimate that there are around 25 major glitches and bugs on the platform at present, adding that taxpayers are unable to view past e-filed returns, features as promised earlier.

There are various glitches faced by the taxpayers namely New Incorporated companies or Firms are not able to register themselves on ITD Portal, Forget password option not working, ITR in PDF can’t be downloaded, IT acknowledgments in PDF can’t be downloaded, DIN Number not getting auto-populated in new ITD website, Challan No’s not getting validated, Unable to file TDS Returns, Unable to file 15CA/15CB, E proceedings tab not workings. Accounts get locked if we try to log in and are not able to log in due to the non-compatibility of the site.

The new portal https://www.incometax.gov.in/, was launched last Monday, which the tax department as well as the govt. stated was aimed at making compliance more taxpayer & friendly.

FM Nirmala Sitharaman herself had asked Infosys, the company which created the new e-portal, and asked its chairman Nandan Nilekani to fix the technical issues as soon as possible. A few days after the launch of the Income Tax Department’s new e-filing tax portal, social media users, CA’s, the common man had flagged in the new e-filing portal to the finance minister, in response of which Infosys said is working to fix the bugs and glitches.

Infosys back in 2019 given an agreement to develop the next generation income Tax e-filing portal to reduce the processing time for returns from 63 days to one day and quicken refunds.

Many reported that starting from struggle to log in to the portal to important features such as “e-proceedings” tabs having to be available with the message displayed “coming soon” is creating anxiousness & worries amongst the taxpayers and tax professionals concerning orders being passed and non-compliance of the notice without getting a sufficient opportunity to present a case problem.

The new portal was developed to provide better facilities and increase tax compliance. By reducing the inconvenience of filing taxes, the government eyed higher tax compliance from citizens of the country. As a case in compliance for the taxpayers should be the utmost priority. But the release of the e-portal by CBDT has not yet hit the mark and moto that had been set out for it that is replete with a new feature which is expected to make the ITR process much easier and faster.

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