Effortless taxpayment, CBDT on new E-tax platform


New online taxation system, later mobile application by CBDT from June 7 onwards. The users can also get free ITR preparation software with interactive questions and an easy interface to help the taxpayers to submit ITR 1, 4, and ITR 2 online to get started and make ITR 3, 5 easier to prepare.

CBDT said on Saturday that the proposed new online taxation system and mobile application on the upcoming extended electronic filing website will be activated on June 18, even if the portal goes live on Monday. CBDT said in a statement: “To avoid inconvenience to taxpayers, it is clear that the new tax system will be launched on June 18, 2021, after the estimated tax date.” Said that the upcoming website will create a new online Taxation system, which contains many new payment options, including online banking, UPI, credit card from any taxpayer account from various banks to make the process of payment easier.

The mobile application will also be launched after the portal/site is launched for the first time so that participants are familiar with various functions,” said CBDT. The Central Direct Taxation Commission (CBDT) has developed guidelines for the Ministry of Income Tax, and taxpayers use electronic filing websites to submit tax returns. Returns and other businesses.

And also, the department had mentioned that it might take some time for taxpayers to get familiar with the user interface so it will make the process easier if the taxpayers cooperate and have patience “. It also added that this is another CBDT scheme designed to make it easier for taxpayers and other stakeholders to comply.

He said that the new taxpayer-friendly portal is built into immediate tax payment in the reporting (ITR) processing, taxpayers can be provided with fast refunds options in case, an easy user interface and all interactions and downloads or operations to be downloaded are displayed in a single dashboard to monitor taxpayers’ behaviour.

Here the taxpayers can regularly update their financial data so that the interface compiles and generates any useful information to the users which includes salary, house ownership, and the information generated will be used to fill the ITR. He said that after the TDS (withholding tax) and SFT (financial transaction report) reports (submission deadline is June 30, 2021), interest, dividends, and capital gains will be provided. The interface provides solutions, FAQs enquires and user guides, and a manual for ease, and, they have included the chatbot option.

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