If the covid discipline is not followed, serious consequences must be faced


The masses have forgotten the lessons of the previous two waves, as seen by the crowds surging into the retail centre, the flow of tourist vehicles on the street, and the hordes streaming into the train station. The warning issued by AIIMS director Randip Gurira before the third wave appears to have gone unheeded. According to Guleria, if normal Covid behaviour is not followed, the third time may only be six to eight weeks away.

It makes no difference whether the vaccine is not finished on time or if people lack discipline. Despite this, people appear to lack Covid’s proper behaviour like correct and consistent use of masks, keeping distance, maintaining hand hygiene, etc. Even if the economy begins to improve, additional strengthening measures and a ban will prevent economic growth.

 Although it is difficult to comment on the inevitability of the third wave without considering several factors such as behavioural and social factors, increased vaccination coverage and proper Covid behaviour are essential, according to Samiran Panda, head of the ICMR’s Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases Department.

It is critical to stay out of this circumstance. We feel that one of the criteria that define our understanding of the third wave of risk, its severity, and other connected issues is the national serological prevalence research. The introduction of Delta and Delta plus variations shifted the tone dramatically.

As there many other related viruses are emerging the effectiveness of the antibodies present in the human body should always be alarming. Not simply against individuals, but for not following Covid’s approved behaviour and rules, severe punishments must now be implemented. Restaurants/shops, for example, must maintain a precise distance not just from their premises, but also from their immediate surroundings, or they will only be temporarily closed.

Only around one-third of the adult population has been vaccinated (vaccinations for those under the age of 18 are not likely to commence until the end of the year), and the number of new infections each year surpasses 4 million. We still have a long way to go before transmission is a high possibility. If citizens and businesses fail to exercise due caution, the government should explain what behaviour is acceptable in the tiniest of details.

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