Pinterest Launches its new Shopping List feature


To make e-commerce more efficient, Pinterest launched a platform for shopping with an expansion of multiple features. 

As we all know that, Pinterest is one of the social media platforms, many brands have found it useful for their company growth. More than 70 million people are using Pinterest sharing, discovering their new ideas. It is a fast-growing sharing channel. The quality content created on Pinterest will reach more people, increase exposure, and creates value.

Most of the users use Pinterest to get more inspired. They want to find new ideas and share, which suggests that they are open to exploring a new brand, concept, and product.

This tool helps to know the interest of the audience and communication with them. Also, these tools help to get the standard information for better estimating about the upcoming brands for different products, which increases efficiency and reducing losses.

Many users use Pinterest not only for one particular content also from food and fitness to technology and humor. Women are pinning all different types of content on Pinterest.

With billions of Pins on Pinterest, we can always find ideas also inspiration.  It also creates interest among the people by posting images, videos. The extra benefit is that users can save and store their links from all over the web. Everything can be shown with lots of options. It is also a platform to connect with fellow bloggers or friends by sharing pins.

Pinterest is a highly visual pinboard site that lets you collect images which are having high-quality content. They are very unique and beautiful images that capture whole attention.

Based on all these Pinterest introduced the platform for shopping. With the expansion of multiple features for shoppers and merchants. The shopping list allows users to save their product pins in one place and receive the price drop notification.

People in U.S and U.K can use the “The Goods by Pinterest” feature, which gets access and showcases the limited edition products from the different brands and products. Also, brands and retailers in Australia, Canada, France, and Germany can access the platform verified merchant program, which notifies the sellers that meet their qualifications with a blue checkmark on their profiles among other benefits, and a shop tab on their profile.

Last year company announced its verified merchant program and shop tab feature. The company also partnered with apparel and cosmetic companies.

Pinterest positioned the platform where advertisers can access customers. Users spend twice as much every month as non-pinners and have an 85% larger basket size.

Their strategy is to help users to find products that suit them and feel confident that they have made the right choice from reputable merchants which is consistent. These days Pinterest users now able to go from inspiration to purchase anywhere on Pinterest, which is one step closer to making Pins easy to shop.

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