Expedition Everest: World Environment Day premiere on National Geographic


This World Environment Day, National Geographic brings to you “Expedition Everest”. Join the team of mountaineers, scientists and Sherpas as they embark on the largest scientific expedition ever conducted on Mount Everest. Catch ‘Expedition Everest’ on Saturday, 5th June, 9 PM, on National Geographic.

National Geographic’s Planet Possible initiative launched on World Earth Day, April 22 in conjunction with its ‘Spotlight’ programming informs, inspires and empowers consumers to live more lightly and protect the planet we all call home. Watch ‘Expedition Everest’ the much-acclaimed documentary among the best of National Geographic stories to understand how climate change is impacting our mountains.

Expedition Everest is the groundbreaking scientific research expedition to install the highest weather station in the world. The one-hour special captures the story of the 39-member expedition team battling extreme weather conditions and record crowds to install a crucial network of weather sensors on the 8,848.86 mt. peak.

Narrated by American actor Tate Buckley Donovan, the documentary brings alive the expedition featuring climate scientists Baker Perry, Tom Matthews, along with a team of Sherpas building an automatic weather station at 27,600 feet above sea level- the Balcony of Mount Everest.

Expedition Everest explores the effects of climate change on the glaciers of Hind Kush- Himalayas, the critical water resource to 1 billion people downstream. The six decades of glacier mass changes around Mt. Everest (known locally as Sagarmatha or Chomolungma) are revealed through the historical and contemporary images studied by the team of climate scientists

National Geographic in partnership with Rolex has come together to support a series of similar trailblazing scientific research, expeditions and solutions to examine the impact of climate and environmental change on the planet’s most fragile iconic environments.

Nat Geo’s ‘Planet Possible’ initiative follows a series of interesting stories that push the boundaries of knowledge and understanding of our world. The initiative carries forward National Geographic’s core mission to help people better understand the world and their role in it.

This World Environment Day, let’s collectively carry forward United Nation’s theme “Reimagine. Recreate. Restore” by making the few easy little changes to move a step closer towards a sustainable planet.

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