A new variant of Lays hits the shelf, this time in the form of liquour


Lay’s is well known as a brand of potato chips, as well as the name of the company that founded the chip brand in the United States.

The Pepsi-owned chips manufacturer known for making flavoured chips and other associated snacks has successfully entered into the beverage world. The brand has recently announced to put out a new limited-edition product for the holiday season in the form of vodka for their adult fans.

One might consider the processing of flavoured potato chips to be a soft power of the United States. Similarly, one might also note vodka to be the soft power of Russia. Swaying from their differences, the two have joined forces in the form of all new Lay’s Potato Vodka.

Being the chip icon for decades, it isn’t a surprising collaboration as it does not deviate far away from its potato family. Lay’s has teamed up with Eastside Distilling to create a unique blend of Portland Potato Vodka. As reported by Forbes, Lay’s Vodka comes from Lays’ special potatoes, the same potatoes used for making the classic Lay’s potato chips.

The beverage is a brilliant initiative for vodka and chips lovers to celebrate the holiday season in style. Though it comes from a modern-day F&B company, its feedback looks promising as the distilling company reported that their limited-edition product has sold out within days of announcement.

This strategy, that the company has adopted has worked out as all their special edition products always end up with sold-out releases.

Melissa Miranda, the senior director of marketing of the company, stated that their product being in development for quite some time, launched just in time for the holidays so that fans who are 21 and above can enjoy a variety of their products for parties and get-togethers.

Vodka is a popular drink and, pairing it up with a well-known brand like Lay’s will spontaneously attract customers.  She also mentions that the company is actively working on future collaborations for the consumers.

With the launch of Lay’s Vodka, more and new unique flavours with unusual pairings will be anticipated by the customers.

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