A story of Chintu and his shining walls: A campaign by Asian Paints


Asian Paints has released a new TV ad for their range of interior walls Tractor Emulsion Shyne and exterior walls Ace Shyne. Conceptualized by Ogilvy India, the film shows how it may not actually be so with a glossy, long-lasting paint that looks expensive.

The initiative takes the observations from the homeowners’ viewpoint, for them their house is their most precious social capital – a symbol of their social success. It is a way for these customers to show off their magnificent houses to friends and neighbours alike with confidence. The painting of the house is, therefore, an important aspect and they expect good quality painting which keeps their house looking newer and brighter.

The campaign was created, taking off from this idea, with the story of a child in a small town; Chintu and his friends visiting him in his home. Set against the glorious backdrop of his polished walls, perfectly painted with Tractor Emulsion Shyne and Ace Shyne Emulsion, his friends are genuinely fascinated by what they believe to be Chintu’s luxurious lifestyle, only to find out later that this is not the case, much to their amusement.

Amit Syngle, the CEO and Chief Executive Officer, Asian Paints, said, “Asian Paints provides an attractive collection of sheen finishes, Tractor Shyne and Ace Shyne for interior and exterior respectively. In this light-hearted ad campaign, we’re showcasing how the kid uses the glamorous sheen on home walls to his benefit to please his peers.

The advertisement is based on a rather basic premise-” Shyne jo dikhe mehengi, “according to Sukesh Nayak, chief creative officer, Ogilvy Mumbai.”The film mixes in the interior + external walls into a clear storyline that sees a young guy waking up perfectly drawn with Ace and TE Shyne in front of his peers,” he said.

Asian Paints, founded in 1942, is the fourth largest paint company in Asia, reporting a turnover of Rs. 202 billion. Asian Paints works in 15 countries worldwide and has 26 paint production plants, supplying customers in more than 60 cities.

Asian Paints, India’s largest paint and decor firm, has always tried to be an integral part of the emotion of homemaking. Keeping this in mind, Asian Paints recently introduced a modern, affordable and trouble-free service that helps customers to change their homes as they wish. Asian Paints’ Beautiful Homes Program is an innovative end-to-end approach that provides customers with the skilled implementation of a custom interior design program to build their dream home.


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