A top US doctor share his experience on getting infected with Omicron


One of the topmost doctors from the United States recently sent out a tweet notifying his infection from the Omicron variant of Covid-19.

Dr Faheem Younus, who has won many awards for his excellence in his profession, has given us five lessons to tackle Covid-19 based on his experience. He said that he was experiencing mild symptoms two weeks ago and tested positive for the variant.

His first lesson proves the importance of wearing masks. Dr Younus, who has been around countless Covid-19 infected patients, have never been exposed to the virus in the past two years. This is significantly due to wearing masks and PPE at all times.

However, he stated that he had attended a mask-less event recently and seemed to have picked up the infection from there. So he stresses out that masks indeed work and, an N95 or K95 would be the most preferable ones for maximum safety.

His next lesson shows the importance of vaccines and booster shots. He says that it is one of the sole reasons why he is back to work after two weeks of isolation instead of fighting for his life on a ventilator. He encourages everyone to get both the vaccine shots and booster shots.

His third lesson talks about treatment. He expressed that he did not take any steroids, antibiotics, paxlovid, ivermectin or zinc. As his symptoms were mild, he did not take any strong medication. He stresses the fact that it is important to consult a doctor for the right kind of meditation.

Next, he talks about the fact that whether we had or didn’t get Covid-19, it is important to put your mortality first. It will help put everything in perspective and allow us to make brave, bold and meaningful decisions.

He says that herd immunity is good for shielding the virus, but herd mentality is a bad mentality.

Lastly, he encourages everyone to get boosted and wear a K95 or an N95 mask. He expressed that the family gathering was important for him, but everyone’s risk tolerance could be different. We may get Covid-19, but we will likely recover.

He concluded by saying to comply with science, then follow your heart.

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