A trio owns their bloody nights with Kotex.


Kotex, a female hygiene brand, has relaunched in India with a new product range called Kotex Overnight Period Panties. The brand has launched a campaign called #OwnTheNight to emphasise how women may break free from the cycle of discomfort and melancholy that frequently comes with menstruation, particularly at night.

The films, which were created by Ogilvy, encourage women to not allow their menstrual cycle get in the way of living their lives. The films show a biker, a hula hoop master, and a gamer wearing Kotex overnight period panties and enjoying what they love all night long without having to worry about their periods.

“As a brand, Kotex wants to work towards a world where a period never stands in the way of a girl’s success,” said Saakshi Verma Menon, marketing director, Kimberly- Clark India. The modern Indian woman recognises that menstruation is a natural occurrence and is willing to discuss it openly.

unfavourable preconceptions that already exist around it With the revolutionary and easy overnight period panties, we relaunch Kotex in India. As a woman, I can attest to how transformative this product is, and I am ecstatic to be able to introduce it to the ladies of this country.

Kotex overnight period underwear provides ladies with an unrivalled level of leak-free protection. Women have been held back at night for decades, and periods have been one of the reasons. With the debut of this product, we want to empower women to take control of their periods and own the night in any way they want.”

“In a world that believes that girls can’t do anything,” Tanuja Bhat, senior executive creative director at Ogilvy India, remarked. Before nightfall, I should be back at home. Kotex feels that self-assured, young girls may declare, “I own the night, I am the change,” and go about their business whether it’s as a professional gamer, hula hooper, night rider, or simply taking a rest night.

The brand’s launch campaign confronts society’s backward perspective by providing girls with a powerful message, an anthem that captures their irrepressible energy as they embark on their journey through life. The revolutionary product, Kotex Overnight Period Panties, defies convention and provides modern, excellent period protection.

They bring to life the Kotex philosophy that “periods should not stand in the way of a woman’s advancement.”

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