The mystery of the missing interviewers


India Inc. is interviewing people, but there are no interviewers who can ask the necessary questions. Some businesses are being forced to outsource their recruitment needs due to the exceptional shortage.

As a result of the shortfall, trained interviewers are finding that the number of interviews they must conduct has more than doubled.

As a result, organisations are outsourcing their interview needs and paying the same amount for a junior-level candidate’s interview and up to $10,000 for a CXO’s interview.

“There are not enough interviewers to analyse the resumes and choose the individuals for the type of employment frenzy that is going on,” says Shiv Agrawal, CEO of the recruitment firm ABC Consultants.

Until July, he said, the company would launch a separate division where consultants and freelancers would be recruited to conduct interviews for clients at a defined pace.

The need for interviewers is increasing at the same time as the number of jobs available. Several Indian enterprises have frantically expanded their employment over the last three quarters.

Potential employees are bombarded with offer letters and frequently jump from one job interview to the next before picking up the phone.

There is a 50% dropout rate, which increases the number of interviews a company’s interviewer must conduct.

The number of interviews that each panellist must take has climbed by 150 percent compared to levels before covid,” says Kamal Karanth, co-founder of the recruiting firm Xpheno.

An outsourced interviewer might charge as much as $10,000 for an hour of questioning at the CXO level, according to Karanth.

A applicant usually goes through three rounds of interviews, each of which tests topic knowledge, personality adjustment, and a final round with the manager.

Domain knowledge-related rounds are outsourced. With the epidemic hastening the shift to digitisation and firms expanding into new industries, domain-specific knowledge is frequently lacking within a company, prompting them to hunt for fresh personnel.

Companies like Flocareer Inc., which is capitalising on this increased demand, have seen its monthly interview numbers rise to 25,000 from around 10,000 three quarters ago.

Client organisations can upload their resumes to the interview outsourcing platform and have someone from a team of 400 interviewers perform the initial screening. – During the week, there are roughly 800-900 interviews, and on weekends, there might be up to 3,000.

According to Mohit Jain, co-founder and head of India Operations at Flocareer, “we receive interviewees through job marketplaces, and some are freelancers.”

Clients pay between $1,200 and $1,500 every interview, he said, with junior and middle managers paying the most.

“About half of our customers are IT firms looking for employees who are skilled in Java and Spring Boot, for example.” “There are also requests from banks and retail companies,” Jain explained.

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