Ogilvy launches a new campaign for Voltas AC


As the mercury increases and India experiences attacks from heat waves and polluted air, Ogilvy’s new campaign for the Voltas PureAir Adjustable AC dives in like a cool mountain breeze to pioneer India’s first AC with a HEPA Filter that provides the necessary relief.

Being caged indoors for the past two years has left the average Indian craving for a breath of fresh air. In keeping with its main focus of innovating technology for India, Voltas’, first, of its kind, PureAir Adjustable AC uses HEPA filters along with other technologies to eradicate germs and pollutants to provide pure, cool air.

Conventionally, the need for clean air notices Indians journey for the hills in droves. Built on this intuition, Ogilvy uses suggestive storytelling and relatable examples of Indian families on vacation to highlight the product promise of fresh mountain-like air in the placate of your home.

Ritu Sharda, chief creative officer, Ogilvy India (North) said that Indians had long-planned summer holidays and long weekends around getting away from polluted cities for a breath of fresh air in the mountains. But once there, that was a mad dash to tick off the items on their itinerary. The new campaign highlights Voltas’ promise of “pahadon jaisi saaf hawa” ab aapke ghar pe” and had a little fun with Indian’s compulsive habit of moving constantly while on vacation.

The film shows the protagonist on a holiday in the hills. He frantically tries to catch a gulp of fresh mountain air even as his family drags him from one place to the next on their travel schedule. Every time he tries to catch the air, he’s interrupted by someone saying “chalein”. His irritation rises preposterously until back at home, his son introduces him to the new Voltas PureAir Adjustable AC with a HEPA filter as the answer to his orisons.

The campaign utilizes humour to grand effect to introduce the new AC and its exceptional new feature, driving home the message with a simple question “Ab pahadon jaisi saaf hawa ke liye kahin aur kyoun chalein?”

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