Aadi sale ups its A-game by bringing in the idea of video shopping


July 16-August 15 is when South India, especially Chennai exhibits a spike in shopping records. The month of Aadi- much popularized by the full page ‘Aadi Sale’ advertisements seen long before the actual festival begins. Textiles and Jewellery are the main focal points of shopping and for most shop owners, this period could make or break their business.

Now that the whole of India is engulfed by the epidemic outbreak, all has come to an uncertain standstill. This is inevitably affection all businesses- small or big. But gladly, some retailers are modifying their plan of action to accommodate as many customers as possible- online.

Gone are the days of Window Shopping, and is now replaced by ‘Video Shopping’. Textile Giant, Pothys has come up with a creative solution with customized Video shopping. All the customer has to do is call up a toll-free number and a Pothys executive will be ready to provide them with the best shopping experience while staying at home and staying safe.

The salesman/woman will show the customers the collections. Once she selects the saree/s, payment is made online and the saree/s will be delivered at her doorstep. It’s shopping made simpler. The experience is all tailor0made to ensure that the customer feels like having an actual shopping experience while at home. Other retailers are following suit, with GRT Jewellers also offering a ‘video shopping’ experience. This is important for the retainment of customers and businesses because at this point, the economy shouldn’t suffer and this could turn out to be a long term affair.

Sure, there would be skeptics as well, who believe in the traditional touch and feel shopping experience. Many have skipped their annual Aadi shopping because they can’t feel the fabric and see for themselves. But the retailers have to optimize and should be willing to change up their tactics. More and more people are being tech-savvy now, and the business owners and the general consumer population should try and work with each other to adapt to the situations around us because let’s face it, we may have to live with this for some time now


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