‘Aaj ka special’ campaign from KFC


Khane mein kya hai? is a very common question in most households. When the lockdown started, people started to stay at home and focus more on their food. This question became more important throughout people’s life. 

In the latest KFC commercial, created by Ogilvy, we see the husband/father who started cooking during the lockdown and the man-turned-Masterchef presents his new creation with opera-like music playing in the background. The cloche is elevated, and the ‘karela’ is masterfully plated. That’s when a voice-over talks and says, “Kitna bhi sajalo, rahega toh ‘karela’ hi na…” Then,  it encourages the family and us to order something unique and special. 

In certain aspects, the ad is fascinating. For instance, it takes a subtle dig at those at home turned Masterchefs who are so engrossed in ‘plating’ that they forget that the dishes are still  ‘ghar ki dal sabji’.  Secondly, if you feel dull and have to finish many other tasks along with cooking, the ad urges you to order from KFC.

The Chief Marketing Officer, Moksh Chopra, KFC India, said, what makes it so unique is ‘Aaj ka Special’ The critical offerings of KFC present just the right mix of fresh, crunchy unmistakable flavor to crack the boredom shackles. KFC is a perfect way to liven up every day and make it just a little bit more unique, whether its frustration with the same home food or the tyranny of the work routine.”

For KFC fans of all ages, the numerous films in this series are sure to strike a chord, encouraging them to enjoy the delicious taste of KFC at home, in the restaurant, in the car, or just when and wherever they want it.

Ritu Sharda, chief creative officer, Ogilvy (North), says, when life gets tedious and repetitive, we generally reach out for sweets, not ordinary stuff, and we ask for something special, ‘Aaj ka special kya hai?’ ’. It is precisely this feeling that we have latched on to carry out how KFC on a boring day is all the ‘extra’ people will need. Whenever they lack the ‘zing’ in life and hope they have as much fun watching these films as we did while placing them together, we are sure it will encourage new users to accept KFC.


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