ABP Network’s Digital Platforms Achieve Record Numbers During Exit Poll Coverage

ABP Network's Digital Platforms Achieve Record Numbers During Exit Poll Coverage
ABP Network's Digital Platforms Achieve Record Numbers During Exit Poll Coverage

New Delhi, December 2, 2023: ABP Network, a pioneer and leader when it comes to political journalism, has consistently been at the forefront of delivering comprehensive, timely, and insightful coverage of the political landscape in India. The network proved its leadership position in the industry was once again on Thursday with its detailed coverage of the ABP News-CVoter Exit Polls in 5 states that went to Assembly elections in November.

ABP News YouTube LIVE Channels saw great traction during the crucial hours of Exit Poll coverage on November 30, staying on top of the charts throughout the evening. Similar performance was mapped across the digital platforms of ABP Network, including its websites, Connected TV (CTV), and mobile apps.

Marking a significant milestone in digital news broadcasting, ABP News YouTube LIVE Channels achieved the second-highest concurrent viewership during peak Exit Poll hours (6 pm to 7 pm) on YouTube.

Over 3 lakh concurrent users engaged with ABP Network’s eight language websites between 6 pm and 9 pm, showcasing the network’s extensive reach across diverse linguistic audiences.

A notable 19% increase in average time-spend on ABP LIVE website properties was observed on November 30, compared to the last 30 days of the entire election coverage cycle.

ABP LIVE Apps recorded over 27 lakh screen views, with an average of 15.5 screen views per user, alongside a remarkable 1.7 lakh Daily Active Users (DAUs) on the Exit Poll-day.

In a display of the viewers’ preference for real-time election updates by ABP, the ABP LIVE CTV Apps noted a 5-fold increase in concurrent viewers during the Exit Poll coverage, compared to regular days. DAUs recorded across CTV Android devices rose by 23%, indicating the growing trend of consuming news on connected TV platforms.

ABP Network’s CTV channels amassed 15 million viewership minutes on November 30, with the average view duration per viewer increasing by 30% to 9 minutes during the peak Exit Poll coverage hours.

These remarkable numbers show ABP Network’s commitment to delivering high-quality, real-time news across platforms. The significant increase in viewer engagement across YouTube, websites, CTV, and mobile apps reflects how the network strives to meet the evolving needs of today’s digital-savvy audience.