Abstract Notebooks is acquired by Adobe


Abstract Notebooks was acquired by Adobe today, bringing the capability at the top of artists’ wish lists—native documentation and review—into the Creative Cloud environment.

The technology behind Notebooks will make design collaboration easier, allowing stakeholders from all stages of the creative process to collaborate and iterate on concepts in real-time.

Users will be able to easily collaborate and witness the magic that happens when everyone is on the same page thanks to this latest advancement in the CC space. Today, creation takes place on a wide range of devices and platforms, as well as across several regions and time zones.

Workflows are becoming more collaborative, including a slew of stakeholders and iterative feedback loops.And, particularly in light of the pandemic, creation is taking place in entirely new settings, with distributed teams using hybrid workflows.

Adobe’s aim of improving the world via digital experiences has always included empowering people to create and share.

Adobe is on a mission to make it easier for people to create and collaborate with their collaborators and stakeholders, no matter how they choose to work, as creativity adapts to these changes.

The goals of Abstract and Adobe are similar in terms of making the design process easier and more integrated.Good design, according to Abstract, entails more than just aesthetics.

Moving from design output to results requires it to be perceived as part of a larger picture and to have an impact on business.

Key features

To Get You Started, Here Are Some Templates- To begins telling the tale of your creations, use a ready-to-use template or make your own. Assign a common language to your team for each stage of the process.

Images and Designs That Work Together- Use Notebooks to sync your artboards, frames, and components. When you’re ready for comments, drag and drop your latest design from Figma or Sketch into a notebook.

Spotlight on Lightboxes- Zoom, discuss, and annotate all photos and artboards in lightbox view. Examine your designs alongside the context that explains how you and your team arrived at this point.

Seats for all viewers are free-of-charge- Share a Notebook with the assurance that there will be no empty seats in the audience. Without a hitch, leadership and peers can examine and provide feedback.

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