#AcchaKyaHua: Campaign by Nutrela Health


Nutrela Health recently, in collaboration with BC Web Wise, launched a follow-up to their campaign #DilKiBaat titled #AcchaKyaHua. Like its predecessor, it aims to give people a message about remaining optimistic and spending time with the family on quality. We all have gone through a lot during this lockdown but the focus of #AcckaKyaHua is focusing on all the good stuff that happened because of the lockdown.

The short film conveys the little positive things that have happened, events that would go unnoticed, with the video clip of shots and stories from daily life. The script gives the message behind the campaign: the perfect time for helping with household chores, breaking old habits, figuring out how Nutrela #AcchaKyaHua will contribute another day

The purpose behind the campaign is also to show people that every story has two sides to it. Although the lockout was rough on everyone and generated a lot of stress-the flipsides is, it gave us more time at home, more time to realize what’s going on at home. And really understand what it means to be with each other what makes a family.

Chaaya Baradhwaaj, BC Web Wise ‘s founder and managing director, said, “The future looks unpredictable then we need to do whatever we can to accept the new standard. This film aims to give people a sense of hope and that’s not all lost. If we search for them, then good stuff can still be found.

Darshan Panchal, general manager, Nutrela, said, “The aim of  ‘Accha Kya Hua’ is to encourage people to look at seemingly insignificant household tasks, such as knowing what grocery stores are purchased at home and to encourage people to help out more at home, to understand what could help improve immunity.

In addition to the digital film, the company has used and continues to use social media to inspire fans to explore and share the lockdown’s positive experiences-all while reinventing common recipes with a healthy twist.

The brand exhibits an idea that shows the day by day lives of different individuals during the isolated period, weaving their lived stories, recollections and collaboration. It is relatable to individuals who are remembering their energy and relearning things abandoned during the school and school days.


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