Advanced Motion sensors used in Rupa’s new ad


Mcanvas, the advertising platform has designed an innovative mobile ad for Rupa stores as they have decided to open their physical stores after the lockdown in parts of Bihar, West Bengal, and Rajasthan. The ad uses gyroscope and accelerometer motion sensors where the users can interactively participate.

The campaign “Udghatan” was launched to declare the restarting of the physical stores through an inauguration model. The main objective of Mcanvas was to create a link between the store being opened again and for a new beginning.

The ad helps the customers to participate in the virtual inauguration, which can be viewed on their phones, the program consists of the ribbon-cutting ceremony and the way to the virtual store.

The film starts with the saying “Hamari nayi shuruat ke udghaatan mein aapka swaagat hai”, which means that the company is welcoming the customers to their new start. The film shows a red carpet and a ribbon in front of the Rupa store and the customers can participate by swiping across their screen and the ribbon will be cut and the video suggests the consumers walk towards the store.

The advanced motion sensors are used to create an effect of customers walking, doors being opened, and displaying the message that when something new is started together it will become a success and includes the campaign film.

Heading digital marketing of Rupa and company, Riki Chakraborty stated that the consumers are the main elements of the business and that it was their responsibility to involve the customers to participate in the reopening ceremony of the store.

The company has successfully overcome the restrictions of the lockdown by allowing the customers to participate virtually and that Mcanvas played a huge role in creating the film and were able to attain the target of involving the customers in the ceremony became successful.

Head of south and east of Mcanvas, Mohit Chablani stated that the company aimed to strengthen the brands and to create a lasting relationship with customers through interactive advertisements by combining innovative methods and motion sensors, through which they created a virtual platform where the customers could experience, which helped in attaining better results.


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