Aegon Life Insurance launches ‘Life + 36 Critical Illness Insurance’


Aegon Life Insurance has reported the launch of ‘Life + 36 Critical Illness Insurance’ on Flipkart at the beginning premium of just Rs. 153 for a life cover front of Rs 1 lakh in addition to Critical Illness front of Rs.10,000. This implies that the policyholder gets the advantage of life assurance alongside a lump sum amount pay-out on the diagnosis of any of the 36 critical sicknesses. This plan arrangement gives one with comprehensive protection cover against COVID-19, that can be benefited on the Flipkart app quickly alongside the base life coverage plan.

There is a high danger of way of life illnesses, for example, heart attack, kidney failure, and so on in the current occasions because of stress and way of life decisions. Aegon Life’s ‘Life+ 36 Critical Illness Insurance’ guarantees that the policyholder gets covered against the vast majority of lifestyle diseases alongside a life cover to facilitate the finance-related burden. The approach covers the majority of the hazardous life-threatening ailments, for example, Cancer, Heart Attack, Kidney Failure, Stroke, Burns, Alzheimer, and 30 different sicknesses. The policy is given instantly and requires no clinical registration nor KYC. On analysis of any of the 36 life-threatening illnesses, the policyholder is paid a lump sum amount regardless of emergency hospital bills. The life cover proceeds with the total guaranteed decreased against the claims paid under the policy arrangement. The lump-sum amount of pay-out deals with health care costs, home therapy, and other related costs.

Talking on the launch of Life + 36 Critical Illness Benefit, Satishwar Balakrishnan, Principal Officer, and CFO, Aegon Life Insurance, shared that the company will remain profoundly dedicated to the vision of making tension-free lives by making protection reasonable, simple and open, and ‘Life + 36 Critical Illness Insurance’ is lined up with the vision. In the current situation, medical care costs represent a burden, particularly whenever diagnosed to have critical ailments, the restricted physical action because of the progressing pandemic has added to the high danger of way of lifestyle illnesses. To guarantee that the clients are not troubled with the overwhelming expenses of healthcare emergencies, advantages, for example, ‘pay on critical ailment diagnosis’ which pays a lump sum amount on diagnosis of any of the 36 critical ailments, will be an aid to the policyholders.

The product will be accessible on the Flipkart app. The clients can purchase Life + 36 critical diseases insurance from the safety and security of their homes with simply a tap of their fingers on their cell phones.


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