Agricultural Robots – Farmer’s New Friend


Automation is now implied in our routine life. Doing manual jobs does not just seem right. Automation has always made a remarkable mark with each innovation. Especially Robotics. Robotics has made our lives a very comfortable one. It contributes to almost all sectors in distinct ways. The demand for agricultural products is directly proportional to the growing population. Automation transformed the agriculture sector in a very remarkable way. Farming is now unimaginable without the help of machinery.

Listed below are the top five agricultural robots that are ruling the farms

Energid Citrus Picking System: It is indeed a time-consuming job to gather fruits from every single tree on a farm. This is where Energid Citrus Picking System comes for you. This robot is capable of picking up fruit in a matter of just two or three seconds efficiently. The best quality of this robot is that it costs way cheaper than human labor when deployed.

PrecisionHawk: If you are a farmer, PrecisionHawk has got all you need. Yes! You read it right. These drones from PrecisionHawk houses Artificial Intelligence paired with multispectral, hyperspectral, and LiDar technology. In short, it has got everything you want.

RoBoPlant: This robot is for farmers who are engaged in horticulture. Built with Artificial Intelligence as the base, RoBoPlant can take flats of peet seedings to separate them and plant them in optimal patterns. This comes with both semi-automatic and fully automatic machinery.

Blue River LettuceBot2: If you are managing Lettuce crops, Blue River Lettucebot2 is here for you. This robot attaches itself to a tractor. By making use of its imaging system, this machine can thin out lettuce fields as well as prevents herbicide-resistant weeds. In short Blue River Lettucebot2 can become an asset for your farm.

Ecrobotix: Ecrobotix is a fully autonomous drone. The farmer does not have to spend money on any fuel as this robot runs with help of solar energy. This powerful machinery is capable of identifying and spraying weeds. It targets the weeds using its complex camera system. This robot thus reduces human labor drastically thus reducing the cost as well as the time of manual labor.

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