AI-based SEO tools in 2021


The process of enhancing the quality of your website and the number of visitors it receives is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It entails taking a conscious strategy to improve your website’s Google and other search engine rankings. 

The internet has evolved into the go-to resource for everything from celebrity trivia to repairing our kitchen sinks. However, artificial intelligence (AI) SEO may change the way marketers help their websites rank high on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

In this article, we have listed down some of the AI SEO tools for 2021:

Alli AI

The application gives the customer a simple and efficient approach to boost traffic, develop quality backlinks, and expand company outreach. Furthermore, the application continually monitors your traffic flow so you can observe how well things are working. It is an all-in-one SEO solution that employs and promotes artificial intelligence to make intelligent decisions. 

Alli AI employs artificial intelligence to simplify SEO operations with an all-in-one programme customized to each customer and packaged in a beautiful user interface. 


Diib makes it simple to expand your website. You feel considerably more informed about what is going on with your website, thanks to Diib’s AI technology. Diib assists customers in automating SEO, increasing ranks, and benchmarking against competitors’ websites. It employs AI to create a personalized growth strategy, provide automatic statistics, and track your success as you develop. 

Diib immediately syncs with Google Analytics and employs powerful algorithms and artificial intelligence to provide you with an easy-to-implement growth strategy. In 60 seconds, you can scan your website and learn how to enhance your SEO, performance, security, and user experience.


Squirrly is the best AI SEO plugin for WordPress. It is a tried-and-true all-in-one SEO toolkit that employs artificial intelligence to help your website rank quicker. This plugin is installed directly from your WordPress admin panel. The programme examines your website and generates action items automatically. 

Squirrly assist you in navigating the world of SEO. This programme employs AI to provide excellent and data-driven SEO, allowing you to outperform all of your competition. If you want to get to the top page of Google, Squirrly provides a roadmap strategy to help you get there. Squirrly enables you to produce excellent SEO content, increase organic traffic, and improve ranks. Microsoft, BBC, Creative Market, and Elegant Themes are using Squirrly.


Frase is AI SEO software that assists you in creating content that is relevant to user intent. Frase helps you in ranking on the first page of Google by guiding you in writing better content. It also generates content that may be used by speech devices automatically. By utilizing AI to answer your visitors’ inquiries, Frase enhances SEO and promotes conversion. 

Frase’s rapidly expanding suite of AI-powered tools assists you in swiftly identifying the questions your target audience is asking online. It then optimizes information that can answer such queries fast.

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