Top dataops funding and investment 2021


Data Analytics DataOps is an automated, process-oriented technique used by analytics and data teams to improve quality and reduce cycle time. Although DataOps originated as a collection of excellent practices, it has evolved into a different and innovative approach in data analytics. DataOps refers to the entire data life cycle from data creation to reporting, and authorizes the data analytics team and IT activities related to nature. Dataops use a proactive approach to reduce the time; it takes to generate statistics that match business goals.


Funding: US $ 418.6K
Transaction Type: Seed
Major Investors: Ahon, imec

Coconut is a platform-A-A-Service (PaaS) solution that solves these problems. By creating its own data pipelines and environments, it connects, streamlines, and standardizes data to the company’s data sources. It makes it easy for data analysts to work with machine learning and AI to provide data to business analysts to gain live insights into dashboards and business intelligence tools.


Funding: US $ 119.5 million
Transaction Type: Secondary Market
Major Investors: Princeton Ventures, Icon Ventures

Delfix is ​​a global provider of an intelligent data platform that helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation. Its database platform is compatible with a wide range of platforms, including mainframes, Oracle databases, ERP applications, and Kubernets containers. The company is based in Redwood City, California, founded in 2008.

Excellent AI

Funding: US $ 11.6 million
Transaction Type: Series A.
Major Investors: Duke Angel Network and KT Investment.

Description Back to English (United States) Translate Translate Superb AI is an end-to-end training data platform that automates automation of data processing scale, generates and databases on datasets. Founded in 2018 by data scientists, academics and machine learning engineers, Superb AI is revolutionizing teams of all sizes in labeling, managing, curing and providing training data. Better AI enables businesses of all sizes to develop and deploy computer vision solutions faster than ever before.

Uncover data

Funding: US $ 57.2 million
Transaction Type: Series
Major Investors: GGV Capital & Harmony Partners

Unravel Data is a complete, sophisticated AI-Power Automated Performance Management (APM) platform for big data. In a self-service database environment, Unravel Data ensures the stability and performance of the app, maximizing cost savings (across storage, calculations, and users) and increasing productivity. Unravel Data supports all major data applications, including ETL, Analytics, Machine Learning, SQL, and streaming, which run on popular big data systems such as Hadoop and Spark.

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