Coconut Delight to launch Door Step Coconut water delivery


Coconut Delight, One of the leading Milk delivery platforms in India to launches its new offering,’ Doorstep coconut water delivery’. The new program standout in its form of packaging, the methods of sourcing, and distribution. After all the brand promise ensures the quality of the product.

Country Delight guarantees the quality of the product and assure a minimum of 270ml water in each coconut. The product is delivered in the coconut itself. The raw form of supply differentiates the brand as compared to other leading competitors in the market. The rural areas of Tamil Nadu are the sources of coconut used in the product.

There are major challenges in maintaining the supply chain since the coconuts are bulky and heavy. Especially distributing the products to the northern side, the bulkiness comes as a major constraint in timely delivery. Since the products are in raw form and there is no ‘pout’ on them, it is a difficult task to know the exact amount of water.

Apart from the distribution challenges, the market is flooded with coconut drinks and products in a different form. Packages of coconut drinking water from small and big brands are already given strong competition to stay in the market of tender coconut. Usually, fresh coconut water is sold by street vendors, and some of them already offering doorstep delivery as well. But the initiative of supplying and making possible the doorstep delivery services to the northern part of India standouts “Country Delight” compared to other competitors.

Depending on the availability and quality of coconut, fresh coconut water is sold for around Rs.30 and goes upward of Rs.100. Brands like Real, Raw Preassery Etc. offers packaged tender coconut at around Rs.40 per 200ml. Considering the health benefits of tender coconut, the products have gained a place in the market very quickly, later due to the increased health consciousness among people boosted the popularity lately.

Knowing the increased demand, BigBasket, Indias largest grocery delivery platform have also started offering tender coconuts.

Country Delight plans to sell the product for Rs.60 and they have also started an application where the customers can subscribe for coconut water delivery.

“coconut Hunter”, the brand’s latest Ad Campaign focuses on their efforts of searching around the country for finding the best quality coconuts.

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