How to do effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?


Consumers today have a wide variety of choices in absolutely every product or service. Visibility is now more important than ever before, so how do you make your company or product more visible? The most effective way is to be the first result in google when you search for a keyword. How can a small business be the first result when they are competing with the world? Let’s find out.

First, we need to understand SEO or search engine optimization. It is the process of improving the quality and increasing the quantity of a webpage to users of a search engine. The higher your page’s SEO the more people will visit it, the more people will visit it the higher the SEO. It’s a catch 22 situation but there are various ways to improve your chances of success.

One of the most important factors affecting SEO is your content, the more there is to see on your page the more visible it is. This includes videos, blog posts, articles, eBooks, guides, etc. The keywords are crucial as they act as the visible addresses to your page, the users type these keywords into their search bars and eventually find your site. Start by making a blog or work on building a social media following, once you have an audience your page will gain more traction.

When designing your page there are 3 structural elements to consider for SEO. The title tag, a meta description, and Subheadings. The title tag is the visible title that comes on a tab when users visit your page, it informs them of what the page is about. The meta description tries to explain the relevancy of the page with regard to what the user might require. Finally, the subheadings organize the content in a systematic way helping the user understand it better.

Some other factors that affect SEO are not linked to your actual web page and they are trust, links, and socials. You can increase trust by including authentic, accurate backlinks that have some authority on your content. Your site should also have links to any and all relevant information as and when possible but try not to overdo it or the user might be turned off. Socials also affect SEO, the more your site is shared and liked the more it will take off.

Now you know some basic steps to take in improving your visibility, By implementing simple SEO tips you can easily become more successful online which will ultimately translate to the product aspect of your business.


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