Aiden AI-powered platform launched by RBC Capital Market


RBC Capital Market the financial service industry is an international investment bank furnishing services in financing, banking, routine investors, capital markets to corporations and governments internationally. Aiden, an AI-based trading platform was launched by RBC Capital Market in collaboration with Borealis. To upgrade trading outcomes and perception for clients in a significant and explicable way the AI scientists and traders at Borealis and RBC cooperate to furnish a real-life AI solution.

Aiden platform utilizes the statistical potential of intense augmentation learning in its activity of upgrading trading outcomes and insights for clients. The AI scientists and traders functioned simultaneously to generate the initial bold concept and furnish a real-life solution. To develop the Aiden platform the firms tackled one of the greatest challenges in the field of AI – putting in intensive supplement learning into a regularly changing surroundings like equities trading with reasonable and justifiable results for its clients.

Bobby Grubert, Co-Head, Global Equities of RBC Capital Market commented that Aiden is the outcome of an enormous partnership attempt connecting RBC employees, as well as AI scientists and traders and Borealis AI partners, to support future generation AI technology to generate distinctive solutions for users. By staying faithful to the user-centric foundation, Aiden is commencing the journey with great prospective to further enlarge its proficiency.

Dr. Forteini Agrafoite, Chief Science Officer, Head of Borealis AI and RBC commented, after various years of extensive research, evaluation and calibration, they are happy to lead a new quality of executive superiority to users and carry on with research reinforcement learning while processing the development of accountable AI for the users.

Aiden platform can implement trading resolution based on residing market data, powerfully modifying the latest technology and study from its preceding actions by deploying hundreds of automated data inputs and its skill to produce more than 32 million calculations/order. The first vital Aiden compound i.e., Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) program, was outlined to help upgrade users’ trading execution by minimizing subsidence.

The VWAP Aiden algorithm is indicated, under a systemized assessment structure to minimize bias and the capability to notably diminish slippage. Aiden platform is presently accessible to RBC users trading in Canadian and U.S. equities and there are schemes to establish the platform across international markets to extra users in the coming months.


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